Michelin Energy Range Impresses In Fuel-Efficiency Trial

James Nuttall(Stoke-on-Trent – February 16, 2011) – National haulier James Nuttall (Transport) Ltd is introducing Michelin’s low rolling resistance Energy tyres across its truck fleet following outstanding results from a year-long fuel-efficiency trial.

The transport operator recorded a 5.08 per cent improvement in fuel efficiency when using Michelin’s XZA 2 Energy and XDA 2 Energy tyres compared to the fleet’s existing XZE 2+ and XDE 2+ fitments, which are principally designed for regional haulage. Performance was measured using two identical Scania R 420 6×2 tractor units.

James Nuttall says: “We were hugely impressed by the results from this trial and the corresponding cost savings that we can make.

“Michelin Energy tyres are now being rolled out across our truck fleet as wear dictates.  We are confident that their lower rolling resistance will help to further increase our fuel efficiency, which will in turn have a positive impact on our bottom line.”

Michelin Energy tyres are designed for commercial vehicles operating on long distance routes with high average speeds and are manufactured from a special rubber compound which ensures a very low rolling resistance with no loss of grip.

James Nuttall has also specified six new Cartwright ‘Cheetah’ Fastback trailers with Michelin’s X One MaxiTrailer tyres as original equipment. These 455/45 R 22.5 tyres were chosen for the extra trailer load capacity they afford, since their lower height enables manufacturers to lower the deck of the trailer,  increasing available volume by at least 5m³.

Nuttall says: “Specifying the X One MaxiTrailer tyres for our new trailers will also help with fuel costs, as extra load volume results in fewer journeys. The trailers will be used to transport light loads such as bedding for our homeware customer Dunelm Mill, so we will make good use of the extra payload space.”

The X One MaxiTrailer tyres benefit from Infinicoil architecture, one of the key innovations of Michelin Durable Technologies, which consists of a 400 metre steel cord wrapped continuously around the crown, delivering unrivalled robustness, greater longevity and more even wear.   Compared to a 385/65 R 22.5 XTE2, the tread band is also 120 millimetres wider and has 35 per cent more rubber in the compound, which serves to increase the mileage potential of each tyre by up to 50 per cent.

James Nuttall’s truck fleet comprises both full capacity artics and 17 and18-tonne rigids, the majority of which are manufactured by Scania. Its vehicles are used for general haulage and each covers approximately 90,000 km per year. The company is a member of the Fortec Pallet Network and The Transport Association.